On to the next one ...

In the summer of 2017, it is time to go riding another grand velomobile tour, covering several thousand kilometers over a few weeks, seeing places and people, enjoying the countryside and the roads – and, most of all, coming together again as riders and friends.

Another one done

3Wheels4France is history now. It was a fabulous tour around the entire country, and a hard one, too. France has plenty of hills in many parts.
I rode 3,553 km and climbed 25,098 m at a rolling average of 28.5 km/h including all climbs and cruises.

All but one rider (who dropped out early) came back healthy and happy. Not all could ride all days due to mechanical or physical issues, but everyone enjoyed the experience and the team spirit.

The French were very welcoming, curious to hear more about our velomobiles, and generally very considerate as drivers.

We had a great time together. Thanks to all who participated, to all who cheered us up, to all drivers who waited patiently behind on the uphills and those who passed with care.

Vive la France!

This time, velomobiles will roll over France – a Tour de France the cyclophile Français have never seen before. From the start in Trier (Germany), the tour will cover approximately 4,000 km leading riders counterclock-wise across this great country, finishing at Trier three weeks after the start.

The tour will be organised the same way as the previous tour, a private ride, all riders following the same schedule, with each rider assuming full responsibility for his or her own actions. We will be camping as we normally do, and we will have a support van to help out in emergencies and break-downs.

The tour dates are: July 16 - August 5, 2017.

Participation in the tour will be limited to 24 riders. Registration will open on September 5, 2016. All applications will be reviewed and need to be confirmed by the Tour Captain. Riders who have successfully completed the Roll over America Tour and/or the Great Baltic Sea Ride will have priority registration for 3Wheels4France.

All advance information on the tour will be here. Pages on participants, the route, the schedule, and more will be completed as planning proceeds.To view the list of riders see the Riders page; to see the time table, daily destinations and possible places to see the tour, go to the page Schedule for more information; click on Photos to see my album from the tour.

Josef Janning

Tour Captain

Tour visual created by C. Michael Lewis, Maine, U.S.A.

    © Josef Janning 2017